Purposes Contribute to ensuring the quality of higher education, providing accreditation services for engineering programs under international criteria; certifying the quality of programs in the areas of Technology, Administration and Commerce, Natural Resources, Sciences and other related areas and conducting quality consultancies in higher education institutions; through the preparation and continuous training of external professionals in charge of carrying out the processes, maintaining excellence, independence of opinion, transparency in their decisions and their leadership at the national level. Our services We provide services in evaluation and consulting of quality in Superior Education
through the following agency core services:

1. Washington Accord Accreditation
2. Quality Certification
3. Consultancy to support continuous improvements
4. We also have dedicated services according the needs of the Institution.
Welcome to AcreditaCI We invite you to know the history of the first accreditation agency of Chile Read more

Welcome to AcreditaCI

The engineer and engineering are crucial actors to advance steadily and decisively towards the achievement of the 17 UN SDGs. In the educational process, he must include diversity and inclusion in his projects. He must learn to approach projects in multidisciplinary environments and develop critical thinking, creativity and innovation to incorporate new ways of doing things, with a focus on sustainable development. His performance must be essentially ethical, respecting ethical principles and standards for the practice of Engineering.


Acredita CI will be an active member of the national and international system for guaranteeing the quality of Higher Education, providing services in the accreditation of degrees and programs of the national and foreign Higher Education

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