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Acredita CI will host the 3rd Meeting of the Lima Accord 2018

Acredita CI will host the 3rd Meeting of the Lima Accord 2018 to be held in Santiago, Chile, on
November 6.

The third annual meeting of the signatory members of the Lima Accord will be held in Santiago, Chile, on November 6 and 7 of this year.

The Accord was signed by the accrediting agencies representing engineering in their respective countries or jurisdictions with the objective of standardizing the requirements, good practices and competences required of the engineers of the region in order to be able to mutually recognize their competences as substantially equivalents and thus allow higher professional mobility among the member countries of the Accord.

After having held the first meetings in Lima, Peru and Mérida in Mexico, where the organization was in charge of ICACIT and CACEI respectively, this year is Acredita CI who will be in charge of the organization of this meeting in the city of Santiago.

On Tuesday, November 6, the day will begin with the transfer of the presidency of the Accord, which since the previous meeting was in charge of María Elena Barrera, General Director of the Accreditation Council of the Engineering Education of Mexico, to Jessica Pizarro , General Manager of Acredita CI. In addition, during the morning the rules and procedures for the Agreement will be reviewed, each member will make a presentation of the graduation attributes for their respective country or jurisdiction.

After a lunch where the attendees will share their impressions about the work done during the last years and their projection towards the future, the graduation attributes of the world associations will be reviewed and a proposal will be made to make a comparative study of these attributes among the members of the Accord. Subsequently, the meeting will be closed.

The signatory members who will meet at the meeting are:

  • María Elena Barrera B. – Council of Accreditation of the Teaching of Engineering of Mexico, CACEI, outgoing President of the Lima Agreement.
  • Jessica Pizarro P. – Accrediting Agency of the College of Engineers of Chile, Acredita CI, Vice-President of the Lima Agreement.
  • Marcia Vargas H. – Central American Agency for Accreditation of Architecture and Engineering Programs, ACAAI.

Marcia also represents the Ibero-American Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education, RIACES, for being one of the Network’s Directors.

  • José Loría A. – Council of Accreditation of the Engineering Education of Mexico, CACEI.
  • Enrique Álvarez R. – Institute of Quality and Accreditation of Computer, Engineering and Technology programs of Peru, ICACIT.
  • Daniel Sánchez R. – Institute of Quality and Accreditation of Computer, Engineering and Technology programs of Peru, ICACIT.
  • Daniel Hernández – Association of Federated Engineers of Costa Rica, CFIA.

The confirmed guests to participate in the meeting are:

  • Teófilo Ramos G. – President of Region 9 of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, IEEE.
  • Víctor Medina G. – Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions, LACCEI.
  • Arturo Gana D. – President College of Engineers of Chile.
  • Carlos Andreani L. – Chairman of Acredita CI.
  • Elías Arze C. – Director of Acredita CI.
  • Germán Millán P. – Director of Acredita CI.
  • Tomás Guendelman B. – Director of Acredita CI.
  • Karen Kanzúa Arancibia – Dean of the Central University Engineering School and member of the board of directors of the Chilean Engineering Faculties Corporation, CONDEFI.
  • Pablo Recabarren – President Federal Council of Deans of Engineering of the Argentine Republic, CONFEDI.
  • Marcia Varela – Deputy Manager of Technology Transfer of CORFO, Government of Chile.
  • Felisa Córdova –President Education Commission of the College of Engineers.
  • Mario Letelier –President of the Chilean Society of Education in Engineering.
  • Juan Eduardo Vargas –Head of the Higher Education Division of MINEDUC.
  • Piero Guasta – Ministry of Foreign Affairs Advisor.
Signing of the Lima Accord, Lima 2016.

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