The directors and employees of Acredita CI and the external professionals that participate in the evaluation and accreditation processes of programs of Higher Education that are entrusted to this Agency, should carry out their activities according with the guides of ethical behavior that are detailed below:

1. They agree to accept responsibility for making decisions consistent with the criteria approved by Acredita CI. Programs will not receive accreditation if they do not meet the criteria established for this purpose by this Agency for a specific program.

2. All those involved in the activities of Acredita CI will take on specific tasks only if they are qualified in the specific field under consideration.

3. They agree to act on behalf of Acredita CI avoiding any conflict of interest and informing them, if any, to the corresponding bodies of this Agency. All those involved in Acredita CI activities:

    • Will avoid any conflict of interests when they represent Acredita CI in any situation.
    • Will reveal any potential or known conflict of interests that could influence their decisions or the quality of their services.
    • Will avoid taking charge of assignments or participating in discussions that knowingly could create a potential conflict of interests between them and Acredita CI, or between them and the institutions that require program accreditation.
    • Will avoid procuring or accepting a favorable direct or indirect treatment, from the people or institutions in charge of programs.
    • Must inform Acredita CI if they have served as consultants in accreditation matters corresponding to a program or institution.

4. They agree to:

    • Treat as confidential the information they receive in the course of their interventions as agents of Acredita CI, and under no circumstance will they make use of this information as a means to obtain any personal profit.
    • If they must make any declarations, either public or private, these should only be made in an objective and truthful way.
    • Behave according to the most demanding norms regarding honesty, responsibility, competency and education.
    • Help in the professional development of their peers and collaborators and support them in the execution of the Code of Ethics.
    • Continue their personal development throughout their services with Acredita CI and facilitate and participate in activities for the professional and ethical development.

5. For its part, Acredita CI makes the following commitments:

    • Acredita CI will facilitate the wide spreading of the Code of Ethics among its directors, employees and external professionals that participate in the evaluation and accreditation processes of programs.
    • Acredita CI will provide training in the use and understanding of the Code of Ethics to all its directors, employees and external professionals.
    • Acredita CI will maintain a procedure that allows a quick and fair decision in the event of complaints for the violation of the Code of Ethics.

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