Presentation to the Accreditation Process by Academic Unit

The academic unit is responsible for the academic and administrative management of the program(s). The unit is responsible for budgetary control and allocates the use of funds for the proper operation of the program.

The accreditation process for science-based engineering programs encourages the institution to present to the process a set of science-based engineering programs simultaneously, in order to carry out a more efficient and effective process that contributes to continuous improvement mechanisms, from the unit as responsible for the management and for each program, at the same time. The unit and its programs receive a set of comments that will strengthen the educational process that is being carried out with the purpose of verifying the acquisition of the Graduate Attributes and the declared Graduation Profile.

The programs that enter the accreditation process of Acredita CI under international evaluation criteria, commit to a process that will require maintaining the current accreditation in time. This means that the programs must renew their accreditation permanently, as the term of the accreditation granted expires.

Incorporation requirements

A program may be eligible for Accreditation, when at the time of entering the process it has at least two cohorts of graduates with graduates practicing the profession; and is taught as a regular program on daytime schedule. The program must be taught by an autonomous Higher Education Institution, that is, officially recognized by the Chilean Ministry of Education.

The program could be taught at various locations. In this case, the accreditation process will consider the educational offer at all locations simultaneously. Therefore, for a program to be accredited, it must be accredited in all the locations where it is taught.

Application to join the process

To join to the process, complete the Incorporation Form presented below and send it to the mail

See Form

(Incorporation to the Accreditation Process Form.docx)

Any questions regarding the incorporation process, you can send it through the email