Application to the Registry of Evaluators Peers

Reasons to join the registry of Acredita CI evaluators.

Those interested in participating as peer evaluators of Acredita CI must participate in a selection and training process to join the Evaluator Peers Registry.

Peer evaluators play a relevant role in the quality assurance process of programs and are essential collaborators for Acredita CI.

The processes developed by the Agency are based on criteria known by higher education institutions, as well as based on the professional experience of the evaluators, who help determine compliance with the evaluation criteria, which encourages improvement in the evaluated program. Furthermore, the contribution made by the external evaluator is essential for the process of continuous quality improvement in the programs of Higher Education Institutions. The self-evaluation process is validated and strengthened with the external gaze.

Becoming peer evaluator of Acredita CI requires a permanent training process which demonstrates the capability of making informed and objective judgments based on the evidence analyzed.

Minimum requirements to apply to the registry of evaluator peers and the profile of competences for a peer evaluator of Acredita CI.

Academic Profile Requirements:

  1. To be an academic with fifteen or more years of experience in higher education institutions.
  2. Doctoral degree in your specialty area.
  3. Professional degree in your area of specialty or other, while demonstrating extensive and up-to-date knowledge in your discipline.
  4. To be a full professor or associate (or equivalent).
  5. To have participated in self-evaluation processes in your program or institution, or demonstrate knowledge of quality assurance processes for higher education.
  6. To have experience in academic management having held at least the position of Head of Program or Director of Department, Director of School; member of Academic decision-making Councils, member of the Self-evaluation Committee for accreditation, among other similar tasks.
  7. Not have been convicted or will be prosecuted, formalized or accused of a crime that deserves an afflictive penalty.


Professional Profile Requirements:

  1. Professional degree in the area corresponding to the process.
  2. With fifteen or more years of experience in professional practice.
  3. A minimum period of two years holding positions of responsibility in relevant engineering jobs.
  4. Ideally, to have experience as a part-time teacher at Higher Education Institutions.
  5. Is updated in the role of the evaluator, participating in the training that the Agency does.
  6. Not have been convicted or will be prosecuted, formalized or accused of a crime that deserves an afflictive penalty.

Professional Competences Profile:

Professional Competences Profile for an Accredita CI evaluator peer
Desired Competence Desired attitudes and behaviors Application during the visit
Technically Current ●      Demonstrates required technical credentials for the position.

●      Engaged in lifelong learning and current in their field.

●      Able to apply technical knowledge to ascertain the level of conformance to program accreditation requirements.

●      Remains current in accreditation procedures and requirements.

Effective at Communicating ●      Easily conducts face-to-face interviews.

●      Writes clearly and succinctly.

●      Presents focused, concise oral briefings.

●      Interviews personnel to understand program operations.

●      Writes succinct, criterion-centered statements of program strengths and weaknesses.

●      Develops succinct findings for exit interview.

●      Keeps team chair informed prior to and during de visit. 

Interpersonally Skilled ●      Friendly and sets others at ease.

●      Listens and places input into context.

●      Remains open-minded and avoids personal bias.

●      Forthright, doesn´t hold back what needs to be said.

●      Adept at pointing out strengths and weaknesses in nonconfrontational manner.

●      Interviews and readily obtains input from faculty, administration, industry advisors and students.

●      Evaluates program against criteria within the context of the institution.

●      Evaluates constructively conveys program strengths and weaknesses.

Team-Oriented ●      Readily accepts input from team members.

●      Works with team members to reach consensus.

●      Values team success over personal success.

●      Compares program findings with those of other visitation team members to improve consistency.

●      Looks for and listens to common issues across programs.

●      Assists other team members as needed during the visit.

Professional ●      Conveys professional appearance and demeanor.

●      Is committed to contributing and adding value to the evaluation process.

●      Considered a person with high integrity and ethical standards.

●      Represents Acredita CI as a practicing professional.

●      Willing to make observations to stimulate innovation and further the program´s efforts toward continuous improvement.

●      Shows professional respect for institution faculty and staff.

●      Uphold Acredita CI behavior code at all times.

Organized ●      Is focused on meeting deadlines.

●      Focuses on critical issues and avoids minutia.

●      Displays take-charge initiative.

●      Takes responsibility and works under minimum supervision.

●      Formulates preliminary program strengths and weaknesses assessment based upon review of materials supplied prior to the visit.

●      Focuses on critical findings, effectively cites supportive observations, relates to appropriate criteria and suggests possible avenues to resolution.

●      Submits high quality documentation to team chair on time.

●      Makes difficult recommendations when appropriate.


Standard of Behavior and Ethics Code

Peer evaluators will be affected by the Standard of Behavior, Conflict of Interest Policy and Ethics Code of Acredita CI. To integrate the evaluators registry, the interested party must subscribe this document formally, which is analyzed in detail during their initial training.


Application to the Registry of Peer Evaluators

In the event that the interested consider that they meet the competences profile and meet the requirements that are reported, they must complete the corresponding Technical Sheet and send it to the agency at the email indicating in the subject: Application to the Registry of Evaluator Peers of Acredita CI.

Academic Profile Sheet See Document
Professional Profile Sheet See Document

Acredita CI will analyze the applicant’s information. In the case of meeting the application requirements, they will be invited to participate in the initial one-day Evaluator Peers Workshop.

Subsequently, the applicant will receive the Certificate of Incorporation to the Registry that formalizes their entry, which is sent to the evaluator after the Initial Training Workshop has been held.

The new peer evaluators will participate in a process always in conjunction with two experienced evaluators, in order to acquire the necessary experience for the work to be carried out.